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Reach is a personal development organisation. We are passionate about what we do and are committed to improving mental health and encouraging positive change. For more than 3 decades we have created a plethora of tools and resources, all designed to help the individual fulfil his or her potential.

All the resources you need

We believe in synergy. Put simply, when we are faced with issues and problems it is unlikely that any one thing will provide us with our answers. Our site is a one-stop shop, packed with synergistic solutions.

Meditation and relaxation

From 5 minute explainer videos to 30 minute meditations, our You Tube channel has over 67,000 subscribers and is a great way to discover what The Reach Approach can offer you. Check it out and see for yourself…

The ‘Happy Hints’ App

Happy Hints is a wonderful companion, offering a vast array of audio-visual resources, all at your fingertips. You will also receive daily, inspirational messages to help keep your mind in the right place.